Why is Suicide Squad 2 called The Suicide Squad?

Why is Suicide Squad 2 called The Suicide Squad?

Producer Peter Safran firmly described James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad as a “total reboot” in March 2019, explaining that this is why the movie’s called The Suicide Squad as opposed to Suicide Squad 2.

Was The Suicide Squad a flop?

The Suicide Squad most likely flopped because of its dual release on HBO Max. Even though it was a failure, the characters are likely to play a pivotal role in the DCEU moving forward, as they have amazing franchise potential.

Why is Will Smith not there in Suicide Squad 2?

It appears as though simple scheduling conflicts have led the studio and Smith to part ways. While official casting hadn’t yet been made public for The Suicide Squad (not to mention which characters from the first film would even be returning), according to Variety, Warner Bros.

Is Suicide Squad 2022 a sequel?

The Suicide Squad is a 2021 American superhero film based on the DC Comics team Suicide Squad. Produced by DC Films, Atlas Entertainment, and The Safran Company, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is a standalone sequel to Suicide Squad (2016) and the 10th film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

What is the difference between The Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad?

The Suicide Squad is a “standalone sequel,” meaning you don’t need to see the 2016 Suicide Squad to understand 2021’s The Suicide Squad. While some of the characters and actors overlap, The Suicide Squad is a brand new story, and more importantly, a brand new tone.

Can I skip Suicide Squad?

Not really. It was briefly referenced in Birds of Prey. The new Suicide Squad movie have some characters introduced in the first one but director James Gunn said that it is not neccessary to understand the new movie. Is there any other DC movies you’re planning skip?