Why is Abel old in Dawn FM?

In videos and other appearances for his “After Hours” album and its surreal bad-night-in-Las-Vegas storyline, he used prosthetics to make his face appear beaten, bruised, swathed in bandages and even overloaded with botox — and for his new album, “Dawn FM,” which drops this Friday, he’s apparently decided to age …

What does Dawn FM symbolize?

Dawn FM is a concept album that underscores helplessness as only a mindset. It’s a character’s journey through the phases of purgatory, and the eventual acceptance of one’s state of being.

Who is on the cover of Dawn FM?

The pop superstar’s new album drops this week. The Weeknd has shared the album artwork for new project Dawn FM. The album is the follow-up to 2020’s After Hours and is out this Friday, January 7. The artwork, seen below, features a drastically aged Abel Tesfaye, complete with gray hair and beard.

Why did The Weeknd dress up as an old man?

He hasn’t explained explicitly, but nuggets on the album give hints. Voice-overs from Carrey confirm much of this album is about death—seeing a light at the end of your time on earth and walking toward it. It’s possible that, with this album cover, The Weeknd is portraying himself at the end of his own life.

Who is Abel new girlfriend?

Regardless, it appears the Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) has a new business partner. The partner? Simi Khadra, half of the twin DJ duo Simi and Haze.

Did Jim Carrey do Dawn FM?

When Jim Carrey was first heard on The Weeknd’s most recent album Dawn FM, fans were pleasantly surprised at the two Canadians joining forces. Carrey’s voice can be heard in the intro “Dawn FM” as he delivers a radio host-like style narration, as well as on “Out of Time” and the outro “Phantom Regret by Jim.”