What happened to the weekend Instagram?

What happened to the weekend Instagram?

Fans of The Weeknd know that he usually wipes his Instagram when he’s done with a phase of his career, which is what he did yesterday (July 30). He even removed his account’s profile picture.

What is The Weeknd’s official Instagram?

The Weeknd (@theweeknd)

Why is he called the weekend?

His current stage name was chosen in tribute to when he dropped out of school, took his mattress, “left one weekend and never came home.” However, Rose claims the name was his idea. The last ‘e’ was excluded to avoid trademark problems with pop rock band the Weekend.

Is The Weeknd Ethiopian?

The Weeknd is the son of Ethiopian immigrants. The East African country continues to grapple with a brutal internal conflict with natives from the northern region of Tigray. He has been vocal about his feelings on the situation and has encouraged others to match his generous donation.

Why did The Weeknd deleted all his Instagram posts?

At the same time, this move by The Weeknd comes weeks after he first started teasing a new album. It is possible that the singer decided to delete all his Instagram posts once again in a bid to promote his upcoming album.

Is Saturday bad for Instagram?

Saturday is the second-worst day to post on Instagram after Sunday, as even during the peak time, the engagement rate is observed low compared to other weekdays. The lowest engagement rate on Saturday is seen from 4 PM to 8 AM.