What was The Weeknd’s first job?

He worked at American Apparel. One of the first rumours to float around the internet about The Weeknd when House of Balloons first dropped was that the music was made by a dude who worked at American Apparel—his co-workers at the time would often insist that they knew the man behind the music.

At what age did The Weeknd start singing?

Abel has been singing since 17 years old. He has been singing for 14 years now. Going from amateur to professional. He dropped out at 17 and left his mom’s house and never looked back plus it was on the weekend.

How did The Weeknd get big?

He got his start by releasing music anonymously online. He posted his music under the name “The Weeknd,” which would become the name under which he rose to fame. The songs, which he created with producer Jeremy Rose, drew the attention of everyone from Drake to the New York Times.

Who is The Weeknd’s biggest influence?

His early musical influences ranged from traditional Ethiopian music to the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Weeknd specifically cited the impact of Jackson’s 1979 hit “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough,” describing it as “the song that helped me find my voice.

Which song made The Weeknd famous?

April 2012. The Weeknd makes his debut on the Billboard Hot 100 by assisting his fellow Canadian countryman Drake on “Crew Love.” The song, from Drizzy’s Take Care album, starts in the anchor slot – No. 100 this month. In November, The Weeknd scores his first Hot 100 hit as a lead with “Wicked Games.”

Why is The Weeknd’s crew called XO?

Some fans claim that the “XO” in the Weeknd’s “XO Crew” simply stands for hugs and kisses, while others claim the letters represent the drugs Ecstasy and oxycontin. Considering the ubiquity of drugs in his songs, the latter seems likely.