How did The Weeknd start his career?

He got his start by releasing music anonymously online. In 2010, Abel uploaded a few songs to YouTube anonymously. He posted his music under the name “The Weeknd,” which would become the name under which he rose to fame.

What inspired The Weeknd?

His swaggering pop hooks, effortlessly low-key vocals, and game-changing songwriting nod to King of Pop Michael Jackson and cosmic superstar David Bowie, while his darker impulses reflect a love for Nine Inch Nails and Siouxsie & The Banshees.

How did The Weeknd become so rich?

How does The Weeknd have such a big net worth? Music has been Bella Hadid’s ex’s main source of income as he’s been making top tunes for around a decade. ‘Starlight’, ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ and ‘After Hours’ have all been huge successes for him.

Did The Weeknd date Selena Gomez?

Gomez and The Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) dated for 10 months, connecting two months after his split from on-off girlfriend Bella Hadid and soon after Gomez’s split from Justin Bieber.

Which song made The Weeknd famous?

April 2012. The Weeknd makes his debut on the Billboard Hot 100 by assisting his fellow Canadian countryman Drake on “Crew Love.” The song, from Drizzy’s Take Care album, starts in the anchor slot – No. 100 this month. In November, The Weeknd scores his first Hot 100 hit as a lead with “Wicked Games.”

What was The Weeknd first job?

When he was in grade 11, he quit school and left home, devoting himself to unbridled partying. Tesfaye eventually landed a job at American Apparel and at the same time began writing songs about drug use, casual sex, and alienation.