What happened to Thedrick from 600 pound life?

What happened to Thedrick from 600 pound life?

According to TLC, he is addicted to food, and is seen going on to eat two pizzas and chicken wings, after making an order from the ice cream van. For 10 years, he has only left home when the ice cream van arrives. I’m watching my 600-Lb life & this man knows the ice cream truck man name by hard.

Did Thedrick from 600 pound life lose weight?

“I need to stick with it and keep trying because I ain’t no quitter,” Thederick said of his efforts. After initially tipping the scale at 740 pounds at the beginning of his episode, Thederick managed to lose 125 pounds on his own and weighed in at 615 pounds after five months. This led to Dr.

Is Ontreon from 600 lb Life still alive?

Now residing in McKinney, Tx., and still married, Ontreon appears to have a positive outlook on life. It is unclear whether or not he is still receiving professional medical guidance on his weight loss, but per his profile bio, “This is the second time go around [attempting to lose weight] and hopefully the last.”