Who is Therealindiandad?

However, there is a facet of “real Indian dad” that has recently been unveiled: how he is related to Sheena. In a recent TikTok on her page, Sheena revealed that “real Indian dad” isn’t her dad, but the father of her two children, named Dinesh Melwani, aka Trid.

What does the real Indian dad do for a living?

He is a transactional attorney and a member of Mintz Levin. He is best known as The Real Indian Dad and has become sensational as Mr Close The Windows. Dinesh rose to fame after interrupting his wife in her TikTok videos and making hilarious comments.

Who is Dinesh K melwani?

Dinesh is a transactional attorney who advises US and international clients in all types of corporate matters and is Co-Chair of the Mintz International Practice.

Is Sheena melwani vegan?

The only kind of egg I like… because I’m vegetarian…and because I’m sitting in an egg…get it? •…

Is Dinesh Melwani Indian?

Dinesh Melwani is an Indian-Canadian Transactional Attorney, TikTok Star, and Instagram Influencer. Also well-known as The Real Indian Dad, his animated face videos have gone viral. He is also known as the husband of TikTok sensation Sheena Melwani. They frequently appear in videos together.

Where is Sheena now?

On 9 November 2002, she married John Minoli, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon; they divorced in 2003. Easton resides in Henderson, Nevada.