Is Long Island Medium still running?

It’s been two years since psychic-medium Theresa Caputo’s reality TV series “Long Island Medium” went off the air, but she believes “all good things come to an end.”

Did Theresa Caputo’s daughter have her baby?

Caputo’s daughter, Victoria, gave birth to a baby girl on February 22, 2022.

Is Larry Caputo married again?

Larry Caputo

What surgery did Caputo get?

Caputo did undergo surgery last week as recommended by head and neck doctors taking care of his case. The surgery was to remove a lump on his neck.

How did Theresa Caputo lose her weight?

“[Working out] just helps me in general,” she told People. “I always hated exercising. If you remember, in the early episodes of Long Island Medium, I didn’t like working out, but now I can’t picture my day without it.” In addition to working out, Theresa cleaned up her diet.

Who is Michael Mastrandrea?

Michael Mastrandrea is an interdisciplinary scientist focused on managing climate risks and the design and implementation of energy and climate policy in California and beyond.