What was up with the ending of This Is Us?

What was up with the ending of This Is Us?

Kevin (Justin Hartley) took most of the series to grow into himself and finally reunite with Sophie, who had been The One all along. He told his brother and sister that he was going to focus on his Big Three Homes nonprofit and spend time with his wife and kids.

What did the ending of This Is Us mean?

“The theme at the end of the episode, which is what the entire series has been about, is that you carry this stuff forward with you without even thinking about it,” explained Fogelman of that flashback moment between father and son hitting Randall decades later, when he receives the news that he is going to become a …

What did Jack say to Rebecca at the end?

It ends with both Rebecca and Jack saying, “I love you.” “I always thought that the final —in the back of my mind, I always thought that the final actual scripted spoken dialogue in the episode would be Jack or Rebecca just simply saying I love you to one another,” Fogelman told reporters on a call.

What happens at the end of Season 6 This Is Us?

Deja tells Randall that she’s naming her son after William, a man she never met, because she does in fact know him. “I know him because I know you.” The episode and the series ends at the funeral repast, with the Big Three observing the children playing.