How old was the boy in Love Actually?

Viewers fell in love with the adorable star who played Liam Neeson’s lovesick stepson Sam and at just 13 at the time the London-born actor stole the hearts of fans around the world. The star, who is now 30, previously admitted he loves being known as “the cute little boy from Love Actually.”

How old is Thomas Brodie in Nanny McPhee?

Brown, who was in charge of masterminding each and every prank that got rid of all of their previous nannies before Nanny McPhee’s arrival. The funny thing about the young actor’s performance is that the character was written as seven years old, but Brodie-Sangster was actually 14 years already!

How old was the drummer boy in Love Actually?

At 13, Thomas Brodie-Sangster captured hearts across the globe through his character’s fierce dedication to preteen romance. As Sam in the hit holiday rom-com, he learned the drums and even evaded airport security to make an impression on his crush.

How many times do they say actually in Love Actually?

There’s actually a lot of ‘actually’ in Love Actually The word ‘actually’ is said a grand total of 23 times by various characters throughout the film.

Why was Nanny McPhee 3 Cancelled?

When asked if it would be happening, she said: “No it’s not. The thing is I did write it and I set it in space.” The star continued: “They said it would be too expensive. They said the second one didn’t make enough money to warrant to spend that much on the third one.”

Is Thomas Brodie in a relationship?

From costars to couple. After working together on FX’s Pistol, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Talulah Riley have started dating in real life.