Who inherited Durst money?

Convicted killer Robert Durst left his fortune to Debrah Lee Charatan, who was his wife at the time of his death. Read the will HERE. Charatan has 10 a.m. hearing in Houston to become executor of his estate. This all comes on the 40th anniversary of the disappearance of Kathie Durst, his first wife.

How much is the Durst family worth?

According to Forbes, the Durst family is estimated to be worth an astounding $8.1 billion altogether when taking into account their more than “16 million-square-foot of real estate in New York and Philadelphia, including a 10 percent stake in One World Trade Center.”

How much is the Durst foundation worth?

2020 America’s Richest Families Net Worth Seymour’s son Douglas and his nephew Jody now run the company, which owns assets worth an estimated $8.1 billion. Douglas’ brother Robert was arrested in March 2015 and charged with murder; the family bought out his stake in the business for $65 million in 2006.

What does Thomas Durst do for a living?

Thomas Durst is a real-estate developer in the tony Marin County, Calif., town of Ross. In late 2001, he walked into his local police station to seek protection from his gun-loving, wig-wearing, fugitive brother, should Robert decide to pay him a visit, two California law-enforcement sources close to the case told me.