How tall is Thomas TV?

Thomas Magnum is reported to be 6ft 1in.

Does Thomas have a crush?

In Rosie is Red it is strongly implied that Thomas has a crush on her, as he has a fantasy involving a kiss with Rosie. Thomas denies such accusations, when accused of liking Rosie by the other engines. Thomas ends up hiding from Rosie the whole day, until their work forces them to be together.

How old is Tik Tok star Kyle Thomas?

How old is Kyle Thomas? Kyle was born on 19 September 2004, which makes him 17 years old.

Why does Thomas wear a pizza?

History. In “Terror Tales of the Park IV” Thomas loses a bet. This bet means he needs to wear the suit until thanks giving. In every episode up until “The Thanksgiving Special”, he wears it but takes it off in that episode, as the bet ended.

What gender is rusty from Thomas?

according to the New York Times article in 1995 Rusty’s Gender is neutral. his 1999 wooden railway character card incorrectly referred him as female.

What is the scariest Thomas episode?

Episode 11, Season 5, of Thomas The Tank Engine. The episode premiered September of 1998 with the very appropriate title, Haunted Henry.