How tall is Thomas Jacobs Bachelorette?

Thomas Jacobs is a native of San Diego, California. The 28-year-old suitor grew up in a military family and ended up playing basketball at the University of San Diego – he stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall.

How tall is Thomas on Paradise?

Not everyone was feeling so enamored by Thomas’ height. Aaron from Katie’s season was not at all intimidated by Thomas’ 6 feet 6 inches. How do I know that? Because he couldn’t stop talking about how Thomas couldn’t stop talking about his height.

How tall is Thomas from bio?

Thomas is 6 ft 6 tall, making him one of the tallest on the show. Co-star Aaron Clancy was seen bragging about being “tall”, when last week, he said that Thomas was less of a man for saying he was 6’6.

What ethnicity is Thomas?

Thomas is a common surname of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French, German, Dutch, and Danish origin. It derives from the medieval personal name, of Biblical origin, from Aramaic תאומא t’om’a, a byname meaning ‘twin’.

How tall is Nayte from?

Bachelor Biography When you walk into a room, it’s hard not to notice Nayte. He has a smile that sparkles like the stars, he is always the life of the party; and to boot, he is a 6-foot, eight-inch Adonis of a man.

Where do Becca and Thomas live?

Becca Kufrin & Thomas Jacobs Are Officially Co-Owners of Their New Home in San Diego. Taking the next step!