Is Thomas Muller related to Gerd?

Is Thomas Muller related to Gerd?

Mueller earned his coaching licence in 1992 and became head coach of the reserves in 1995/96. He helped nurture current Germany star Thomas Mueller, who was no relation, at Bayern.

How has Gerd Muller died?

German football legend Gerd Muller dies at the age of 75 after a six-year battle with dementia left him eating ‘next to nothing’ and lying in bed all day… as Pep Guardiola hails him as the best striker EVER. German football legend Gerd Muller has passed away at the age of 75, his former club.

Can tomato trigger GERD?

Tomatoes may be great for heart health, but their high acid content causes them to trigger heartburn. To keep your acid reflux under control, avoid eating fresh tomatoes—and be aware that canned tomatoes, tomato juice, and other tomato products also rank high on the list of GERD foods to avoid.

Does yogurt trigger GERD?

Yogurt that is low in fat is generally safe to eat for those who have GERD. You should avoid eating yogurt that contains whole fat rather than low amounts of fat. Whole fat yogurt can be harder for you to digest and might trigger GERD symptoms.

What did Müller do to his horse?

Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller has been accused of allowing horses in his care to perform ‘unnatural sexual acts’ by PETA. Issues arose after Muller announced that his horse D’Avie sustained an injury ahead of breeding season – something which the animal rights organisation argue was ‘preventable and unnecessary’.

Did Gerd Muller have dementia?

Bayern Munich have confirmed reports that club legend and Germany’s former top goalscorer Gerd Muller has Alzheimer’s disease.