Where is Thomas Raggi from?

Thomas Raggi

What school did Thomas Raggi go to?

Thomas began practising guitar at a young age since he is a music fan. According to his Facebook page, he attended Liceo Scientifico J.F. Kennedy for his education. Thomas Raggi is a professional guitarist with a mixed ethnic background.

What guitar does Thomas Raggi play?

If you’ve seen 2021 Eurovision Song Contest winners Måneskin perform, you’ve probably seen their electric guitar player, Thomas Raggi, wielding a relic’d Custom Shop ’63 Fender Stratocaster with a heavily-aged Red Sparkle finish.

Did Victoria and Damiano date?

Many people assume that Victoria is in a relationship with Maneskin’s lead singer Damiano David. They’ve never been a couple, but they have a very special relationship, which you also see during their performances on stage. “We’re more than brother and sister, we’re more than friends,” says Victoria.

What personality type is Ethan Torchio?

Ethan Torchio is an INFJ personality type, which is the rarest type.

How old is Maneskin?

How old are the members of Måneskin? The group’s ages: Victoria is 22, Damiano is 23 and both Ethan and Thomas are 21.