Does Thomas Sanders have a YouTube channel?

Does Thomas Sanders have a YouTube channel?

As of 2020, his account on TikTok has a following of 7 million followers. On YouTube, he has two channels, “Thomas Sanders” and “Thomas Sanders and Friends”.

Does Thomas Sanders have multiple personalities?

Thomas Sanders, after reading some viewers calling the Sanders Sides “personalities”, has repeatedly stated that his character is not portrayed as having Dissociative Personality Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, and he says that his Sanders Sides are instead different aspects, or pieces, of …

Why was Vine shut down?

The firm stated in 2016 that it would be shutting down the app. Vine shut down due to high competition, a lack of monetization and advertising possibilities, employee turnover, and concerns within parent firm Twitter.

How did Thomas Sanders come out?

Thomas Sanders officially came out in this episode as homosexual, after years of speculations from his viewers who thought he was bisexual because he had portrayed both gay and straight characters on the Sanders Shorts (2013) series, most notably a bisexual character on Sanders Shorts: It’s Not That Complicated (2016), …

What are Thomas Sanders pronouns?

I made the switch to referring to anyone as they/them until I know their preferred pronouns and that was pretty easy. Sometimes I slip up and I get corrected and that’s pretty easy too.

Is Thomas Sanders Irish?

Sanders is descendant of Irish immigrants on his mother’s side and is proud of his Irish Catholic heritage, having the chance to travel to Ireland where his ancestors used to live a few times.