Did Thor follow Kingo?

“Thor used to follow me around when he was a little kid,” the Eternal Kingo says. “Now he’s a famous Avenger and won’t return my calls.” The reference and explicit shoutout to one of the Avengers’ most popular members is glaringly obvious and makes for an easy Easter egg for fans to pick up.

Did Thor hang out with Eternals?

Kingo said Thor used to hang out with him when he was a kid. That means Thor knows about the existence of the Eternals.

What God is Kingo based on?

In Marvel’s history, the Eternal Kingo may have inspired Kingu/Qingu, a Babylonian god.

Is Sprite in love with Kingo?

Knowing that she was in love with him, Kingo told her that he was sorry she was not able to get what she want, although Sprite angrily left after realizing that Patel was recording their conversation.

Did Odin knew about Eternals?

As the leader of the Asgardian gods and a being who may have lived as long as the Eternals themselves, it’s hard to imagine Odin (Anthony Hopkins) not knowing about them.

Is Kingo the strongest eternal?

Kingo. Kingo’s (Khumail Nanjiani) “finger gun” energy blasts are excellent long-range weapons, but compared to his fellow Eternals, he’s fairly weak. His Eternals-specific strengths are incredibly limited, putting him at a distinct disadvantage against his friends.