How heavy is Thor the bodybuilder?

How heavy is Thor the bodybuilder?

At his strongman peak, The Mountain said he weighed 205kg and on Instagram revealed that he currently tips the scales at 145kg. The Icelandic superstar looks like a completely different person as he posted side-by-side shots of before and after.

How much does Thor bench press?

Bench press (raw) – 230 kg (507 lb) (Íslandsmót 2011)

Who trained Thor boxing?

Boxing fans not convinced Eddie Hall trained for Thor Bjornsson fight after defeat. Eddie Hall has been criticised for his gameplan in his fight with Thor Bjornsson as fans questioned what he had been working on in the gym.

How big is Thor?

Thor in God of War Ragnarök is around seven feet tall (and a bit extra).

What is Thor maximum strength?

Thor: 3,500 lb.

How much weight has Thor lost?

HAFTHOR BJORNSSON has lost an astonishing TEN STONE with a blend of dieting, brutal training and a natural caffeine drink. The Game of Thrones star weighed in as heavy as 32st 2lb during the peak of his strongman days.