Who was Throg in Loki?

Director Kate Herron confirmed that the voice of “Throg,” the frog variant of Thor that briefly appeared, was voiced by none other than his human counterpart, a.k.a. Chris Hemsworth. “We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way,” Herron told For All Nerds in a new interview.

Where was Throg in Loki?

Similar to Croci or Alligator Loki or whatever you want to call it, Throg, the Frog of Thunder, can be spotted buried in the soil as the camera pans down to reveal the Lokis’ underground hide-out. Throg is, somehow, a real Marvel Comics hero, having first debuted in May 2009’s “Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1.”

Who is Throg Marvel?

Once a human, Simon Walterson was turned into a frog by a witch. Later, he was given the hammer of Thor and fought for justice as Throg.

Is Throg a Thor variant?

Throg is a worthy Thor variant as proven by his many comic adventures, and with his live action debut, Marvel fans on every medium can expect to see much more of the animal hero!

How did Throg become Thor?

The four-issue Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers series introduced Throg, one of the frogs Thor had fought beside during his own amphibian experience who, it turned out, later used a sliver of the Thunder God’s hammer to become a godlike being in his own right.

How did Throg get his powers?

Once Thor departed, Puddlegulp was able to lift the silver which transformed into a miniature Mjolnir and granted the power of Thor to Puddlegulp. Puddlegulp became Throg, Frog of Thunder, and wielder of the mighty Frogjolnir.