What type of bow does Brady Ellison use?

What type of bow does Brady Ellison use?

It’s no surprise that Ellison’s weapon of choice in competition is the recurve bow. Simpler than the compound version, the recurve is a closer approximation of the primitive weapons human beings have used to sustain themselves for tens of thousands of years.

Why is Brady Ellison famous?

Four-time Olympic archer Brady Ellison of the United States has been making his presence known on the international stage for more than a decade. The 33-year-old struck gold at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio, has twice claimed world gold medals, and three times stepped onto the Olympic podium.

How did Brady Ellison get into archery?

Brady started archery as a child in Arizona. Initially, Ellison shot with a compound and represented the USA internationally as a youth archer with the bowstyle. He switched to recurve on the recommendation of coaches at the national training centre in Chula Vista, California, where he has spent much of his time.

When did Brady Ellison start archery?

Brady started his competitive archery career in 2002 on the local and State 3D circuit winning numerous competitions. In 2003, Brady began his journey in target archery. He shot a compound bow and continued to win local and State competitions along with National competitions.