Who won 2022 fan favorite Top Chef?

Who won 2022 fan favorite Top Chef?

In the end, Garcia and Sarah Welch were bested by Buddha Lo, who was named Top Chef and went home with the $250,000 prize. Garcia, staying true to the classy demeanor that made her a fan favorite, feels she’s a winner too. Here are some of her thoughts after the finale: Q: What are you feeling?

Who won Top Chef Season 19?

Follow these four rules and you will be happy with the dishes you make for the judges, says Top Chef Season 19 winner Buddha Lo.

Who is the most successful Top Chef contestant?

Carla Hall has become one of the most successful Top Chef alum, becoming a cohost on ABC’s The Chew in 2011 and also working as a contributor on shows like Good Morning America.

Who won Top Chef last night 2022?

While all three chefs wowed judges, in the end, Buddha Lo, an Australian chef cooking in New York City, was deemed “Top Chef.” Lo’s dishes, a tribute to his late father and his family, were immaculate and near perfect, especially in presentation and technique.