Who is Topher Grace’s father?

Topher Grace

Why did Topher Grace change his name?

He hated being called Chris in school, so he changed it to Topher as time went on. He attended New Hampshire’s Brewster Academy and the University of Southern California. Grace dropped out of USC to start his show business career in That ’70s Show (1998) at age 20.

Did Laura Prepon and Topher Grace ever date?

Just to get it out of the way: No, Laura Prepon never dated Topher Grace. But she did date someone from ‘That ’70s Show,’ though it isn’t the guy that fans probably expected. Remember, Laura Prepon starred on ‘That ’70s Show’ from 1998 to 2006, acting as Donna Pinciotti.

What does the name Topher mean?

Meaning:bearer of Christ. A shorthand version of the popular Christopher, Topher is a masculine name keen to go its own way. Originating from the Greek Christophoros, Topher means “bearer of Christ,” though baby may choose to embrace the spirit of the name, adopting the element phero, “bearer,” alone.