How many kids Tory Lanez got?

How many kids Tory Lanez got?

In the midst of all this success, Tory Lanez aka Argentina Fargo aka Daystar Peterson, welcomed his first child in the world. Tory welcomed his son, Kai, in April 2017.

Did Tory Lanez have kids?

In his Instagram story, he shared a rare picture of his son and penned a message about being a role model in his son’s life.

Does Tory Lanez own his masters?

Tory further drove home the point that he was the rightful master of his masters during an interview with Genius: “To be 100 percent, there’s so many labels offering me so much money, like millions of dollars… I’ve gotten offers that are life-changing offers, but I don’t care. I already own my masters.”

Who is Tory Lanez ex girl?

Kindly share this story: Canadian rapper, Daystar Peterson, popularly known as Tory Lanez, has been arrested following his tweets about his former girlfriend, Megan Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion.