Is Tracy McMillan White?

She is bi-racial and the daughter of an African-American father and White mother. McMillan is the author of a memoir I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway (It! Books, 2010) and her debut novel, You’ll Know It When You See It, published by Gallery in 2015.

Does Tracy McMillan have a degree?

TV Writer, Author and Media Personality Tracy McMillan graduated with a journalism degree from the College of Humanities in 1989 and has spent the years since establishing her fascinating presence as a TV writer, news producer, best-selling author, TV personality, and relationship expert.

Does Tracy McMillan have a child?

Relationship expert Tracy McMillan faced the toughest break-up of her life when her son turned 18 and went away to college. She’d overcome her own difficult childhood and vowed to be the best parent she could be—and that, she realized, meant sending her son off to college to start is own life’s journey.

Who is the therapist on family or fiance?

Tracy McMillan is a writer, author, and the relationship expert on OWN’s new series, Family or Fiancé.