What nationality is Tracy Tutor?

Tracy Tutor (born August 11, 1975) is an American actress, author, real estate agent and reality television personality.

Who are Tracy tutors parents?

Tracy Tutor

Where was Tracy Tutor born?

Tracy Tutor

Why is Tracy Tutor so rich?

Tracy Tutor’s family is worth an estimated $1 billion Tutor’s father, Ronald Tutor, is the founder of Tutor-Saliba Corporation, a building contractor and heavy civil works construction company based in California; it was founded in 1970.

What does Tracy tutors boyfriend do?

The MDLLA cast member gave a candid look at her romance with Erik Anderson. Tracy Tutor is revealing a closer look at her romance with her boyfriend, Erik Anderson, a personal trainer she started dating about two years ago.

Who is Tracy tutors sister?

“Mapleton has been in all of our lives for like 11 years now,” she said as she described her sister Kristin’s house.