How much money is trainwrecks worth?

Although the estimates vary, Trainwreck’s net worth is likely between $1 million and $4 million. The Twitch streamer makes a decent amount of money. According to SportsKeeda, Cash App is one of the sponsors for the stream so that’s how Trainwreck generates revenue in one aspect.

How much does Trainwreck get paid to gamble?

Over the 16 months that Train was gambling, it works out that he was paid $22.5 million a month, or just over a staggering $30,821 an hour. It’s unclear what’s exactly in store next for the Twitch star.

How much does trainwrecks make a month from stake?

At the beginning of his contract with online casino Stake, Trainwreck claimed that his deal was worth $1 million per month. While making $12 million per year is nothing to scoff at, it pales in comparison to the $360 million total earnings he claimed to have received since the beginning of his contract.

How many millions is trainwrecks down?

Trainwrecks has lost 30 million within a few weeks : r/LivestreamFail.