What is the Tratter house?

Just Launched DFW area Texas: The Tratter House – A Physical Home/Location of the First and Only Country Western Themed Content Creator Home Brought by TratterCo.

Who all is in the Tratter house?

TratterCo is a group of good ol’ country influencers from across America. Nick, Blake (Bmoe), Caden and Company will be residing in Sachse, Texas DFW area for 60 days creating viral content on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and launching a Podcast.

Who started Tratter?

It all started for the group of guys the day Blake uttered the word “tratter” (a childlike way to say toy tractor). From there he and Zach Richert started making “Do you wanna play tratters?” videos on TikTok.

Where does Tratter house live?

Tratter House is in Canyon, Texas.