How good is the Marlin 5?

Marlin 5 is a great ride for all your adventures. But it’s also versatile, and Marlin 5 is a popular ride on college campuses because the rack and kickstand mounts make it easy to accessorize and haul a load.

Does the trek Marlin 5 have hydraulic brakes?

A lightweight aluminum frame with internal routing to protect your cables and add to the bike’s sleek look, 2×8 drivetrain, a wide range of gearing so you always have the right gear for your terrain, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a terrain-smoothing suspension fork with a lockout.

How heavy is a trek Marlin five?

Q: How much does a 2021 Trek Marlin 5 weigh? A 2021 Trek Marlin 5 weights M – 14.44 kg / 31.84 lbs (with tubes).

Is the 2022 Trek Marlin 5 Tubeless Ready?

The smooth, lightweight RockShox fork, tubeless-ready wheels and wide-range 1x drive train make this model the best choice for new riders who want a fast cross-country hardtail that will hold its own against our higher-end race bikes. Available in Gloss Alpine blue to Gloss black fade.