Was Trevor from Below Deck a hair model?

Straight after season 4, Trevor went on to the position of bosun on a 151-foot yacht that cruised the South Pacific. The reality star has not stayed active on his social media and does not speak with anyone from the cast. Fans have no idea if he has kept his duties as a hair model and frankly, do not care.

What is Trevor from Below Deck doing now?

Senior Deckhand Since becoming a deckhand, Trevor has worked on five charter yachts across the world.

What episode does Trevor get fired on Below Deck?

Watch Captain Lee Rosbach Asks Trevor Walker to Leave | Below Deck Season 4 – Episode 4 Video.

Why did Trevor get kicked off Below Deck?

Trevor Walker didn’t last long either Deckhand Trevor Walker’s drinking also interfered with his ability to get along with the crew. His boastful attitude on deck also got on bosun Kelley Johnson’s nerves. Initially, Walker was demoted from lead deckhand to deckhand.