Is the machete important Until Dawn?

Is the machete important Until Dawn?

CHAPTER 9. BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE #2: If Mike still has the machete, he can use it to stab the Wendigo if he gets attacked at the metal walkway. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even if Mike doesn’t use the machete to defend himself, the Butterfly Effect will still mention that Mike “found a way through the Sanatorium”.

Where is the machete in Until Dawn?

Mike finds the machete stabbed in a table in the Sanatorium in Chapter 5. If he interacts with a moving arm, his fingers will get caught in a bear trap, where then, Mike can use the machete to either cut off his fingers or open the bear trap.

What happens if you don’t kick the wolf in Until Dawn?

When Mike infiltrates the Chapel in Chapter 5, he’ll encounter an angry wolf at the door. From there, he has the option to kick it or leave it alone. BUTTERFLY EFFECT UPDATE: If you leave it alone, Mike can then APPROACH the wolf and be friends with it. By doing this, the wolf will become useful in a Chapter 9.

What happens if Mike doesn’t shoot the Wendigo?

If Mike didn’t shoot the barrels, a Wendigo will leap at him and the screen will go black. At the end of this scene, if alive, a very injured Jessica will wake up at the bottom of the elevator shaft. She’ll pick up a miners coat, and miner boots, if needed, and turn in fear at a screech nearby.