Does Upasana Singh have a child?

Upasana Singh, veteran comic actor of Hindi and Punjabi films, is launching her son, Nanak in the Punjabi film industry.

Where is Upasana Singh from?

Upasana Singh

Who is Bua in Kapil Sharma show?

Back in the day, Upasana Singh played a pivotal role in The Kapil Sharma Show as ‘Bua’ and left an impression on her fans with her light-hearted character. Long before Singh joined the comedy show, she has done some incredible work in the entertainment industry.

Why is Ram Charan so rich?

Being the face of many popular brands, Ram Charan’s net worth is estimated to be around 175 Million USD, which is approximately Rs 1300 Crore in the Indian currency, per Asianet. The majority of his earnings come from films and endorsements.