How is The Willis Clan doing now?

The children of The Willis Clan eventually addressed the issues as a family, and continue on as a performing group, but Jessica Willis (who married in December of 2016) has moved forward as a solo artist, though says she will always be part of the family as well.

Where is The Willis Clan dad now?

The following year, the family was given their own reality show on TLC, ‘The Willis Family,’ which aired from 2015 until September 2016 when Toby was arrested and charged with four counts of child rape. The father of 12 was later sentenced to 40 years in prison. What is this? Toby Willis on TLC’s The Willis Family.

What happened to Jessica Willis Fisher?

Married to husband Sean Fisher since 2017, Jessica Willis Fisher plays fiddle throughout the album and wrote eight of the album’s 10 songs alone. Yet she has stayed out of the public eye since leaving her family’s touring group, The Willis Clan, after her father was arrested and jailed for sexual abuse.

What religion is The Willis Family?

Parents need to know that The Willis Family is a reality show about a big musical family who gained popularity as contestants on America’s Got Talent. The Willis Clan, who sing Irish-inspired Christian music, send positive messages about family and music as they perform and go about their lives.