What happened to Dodger pitcher Urias eye?

What happened to Dodger pitcher Urias eye?

In May 2015, Urías underwent a peri orbital benign mass removal that caused him to miss one month. Although Urías has reached his potential as a former top Dodgers prospect, the eye proved to be a target both during his youth and despite becoming one of baseball’s best pitchers.

How many eye surgeries has Julio Urías?

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías has undergone surgery on his left eye more than 10 times, most recently in 2015. “Patience has been fundamental for my career,” Julio said.

Does Urias see from left eye?

Whether Julio Urias is pitching or seated in front of his locker, his left eye is always nearly closed. He can see from the eye, but it contains benign mass. The condition required three operations in childhood and produced a droopy eyelid. “That’s how God works,” Urias said in Spanish.

Is Julio Urías blind from one eye?

Urías underwent three surgeries on his left eye during his youth to remove a benign mass. As a result, his left eye is nearly closed, but he is able to see through it. When asked about his eye condition, Urías, a devout Roman Catholic, said, “That’s how God works.