Who is Urwa husband?

Urwa Hocane

Who is older Urwa and Mawra?

She is the sister of another television actress Mawra Hocane. As a teenager, she performed as a theatre artist before she started working as a VJ for ARY Musik. As a sign of filial devotion to her younger sibling Mawra, when Urwa started her career she chose to use the name Hocane and over time, it stuck.

Why did Farhan Saeed and URWA split?

An anchor person made revelations about the couple that they both got separated from each other due to alcohol addiction. These allegations on couple is unverified till now. The main reason behind their separation in rumors is stated that because of the couple alcoholic addiction they both have to separated their ways.

Are Mawra and Ameer together?

She went on to say, “It is so nice of the fans that they love me and Ameer together, we are very good friends, and if fans like us together then they will definitely enjoy our upcoming drama, I take these comments as compliments, it’s so sweet of fans.”