Is U.S. Agent a hero or villain?

Inspired by his military family members, John F. Walker becomes a proud patriot who wants nothing more than to be a hero. When Power Broker offers him enhanced strength, he takes it and becomes the heroic, albeit smug, U.S.Agent!

Does U.S. Agent become a villain?

U.S. Agent has played multiple roles in Marvel Comics, which gives the MCU plenty of leeway when it comes to how much of John Walker Marvel uses in its shows and movies. John Walker has been a hero, an anti-hero, a villain, a foil to Captain America, a leader, and even an Avenger.

Is Agent Carter a villain?

Sharon Carter, previously known as Agent 13 and now known secretly as the Power Broker, is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, serving as a supporting character in both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War before becoming the overarching antagonist of the Disney+ TV …

Does John Walker turn evil?

There were plenty of fanfare and rumors about John Walker’s character in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Most were predicting that he would turn bad just like he had in the comics. Walker did indeed fall from grace after he lost his temper when his partner, Lamar Hoskins, was killed by the Flag-Smashers.