What does a 13F do in the Army?

What does a 13F do in the Army?

The fire support specialist leads, supervises or serves in intelligence activities such as target processing for artillery units and maneuver brigades. Duties performed by this MOS include: Lead and train the forward observer team and combat observation lasing technician in combat operations.

Is 13F considered infantry?

With all the modern computerized technology, someone still has to carry a paper map, a compass and a radio. These 13F’s are assigned to the Artillery but they are not with the Artillery, they are with the Infantry which makes them pretty much on their own.

Does 13F need security clearance?

13F Fire Support Specialist With the right ASVAB score, you can become a fire support specialist. You will also need a Confidential security clearance to work this job and a Secret clearance to become a supervisor.