What size is 18 US in Mexico?

Generally speaking, shoe sizes for women in Mexico usually start at 18 (corresponding to US women’s size 1), go up to size 18.5 (size US 1.5), 19 (US 2), etc., up to 34 (US size 17 measuring 12 ⅔ inches). Every size differs by about a third of an inch or 0.33 inches.

Is a size 18 XL?

While a size XL is designed to fit a size 16/18, she may prefer to wear a size 1X which equates to a size 14/16.

Is US size 16 plus size?

Plus-size clothing is generally considered a women’s size 18 and beyond. “Missy” or “straight” sizes range from 00–16/18, XXS–XXL whereas plus sizes range from 12W–28W, 0X–4X and greater.