Where is Usman Khawaja from originally?

Where is Usman Khawaja from originally?

Usman Khawaja

Who is Rachel Khawaja?

Rachel Khawaja is 26 years old, born and based in Brisbane. Rachel is the wife of Australian Cricketer Usman Khawaja and together they have a beautiful daughter Aisha and another baby on the way! Rachel met Usman while she was studying at University.

Where does Khawaja come from?

Muslim (mainly Pakistan): from an honorific title for a man of distinction such as professor or teacher in a Muslim school or college from Persian khawāja ‘lord master’. Compare Khoja and Khwaja .

What is the meaning of Khwaja?

The word comes from the Iranian word khwāja (Classical Persian: خواجه khwāja; Dari khājah; Tajik khoja). In Persian, the title roughly translates to ‘Lord’ or ‘Master’.