Who did the makeup on Beetlejuice?

Makeup Artist Ve Neill Ve Neill has received eight Academy Award nominations for makeup, winning awards for Beetlejuice, Mrs. Doubtfire and Ed Wood.

When was Ve Neill born?

Ve Neill

Did Michael Keaton wear a wig in Beetlejuice?

With the makeup, prosthetics, false teeth, and wig in place, Keaton checked out his reflection as Beetlejuice for the first time. “Michael loved it,” said Neill. “He just completely started going off, crazy-like.” Excited, she took pictures of the new look to Burton, who approved them in a typically understated way.

Does Beetlejuice’s hair change color?

Throughout the course of the show, Beetlejuice’s highlights morph from green to purple to red. “It was really an idea of William Ivey Long’s,” says Dulude. When Beetlejuice feels “Invisible,” while sitting “On the Roofe,” he fades to the purple of the sunset—in costume, wig, and make-up.