What happens in the end of Vacation Friends?

What happens in the end of Vacation Friends?

At the end of their vacation, Marcus and Emily decide to cut ties with Ron and Kyla. Months later, Marcus and Emily have their official wedding, hosted by Emily’s parents, Harold and Suzanne.

Does Vacation Friends have a happy ending?

After a bit of a hither and thither, Ron and Kyla agreed and attended the wedding, but under one condition, Marcus and Emily would attend their wedding too. A few months later, Kyla gave birth to a baby boy named Marcus. In the presence of the kid, the couple got married in a traditional Mayan ceremony in Mexico.

Does Marcus get the rings back in Vacation Friends?

The guys go to the pawnshop just before it closes, and Marcus gets the rings back. Ron sees a bird flying overhead, and because he earlier told Marcus that he knows when a bird is going to poop, he pushes Marcus out of the way just before he gets crapped on…and this causes Marcus to drop the rings down the sewer.