Who is Vadivelu father?

Early life. Vadivelu was born as Kumaravadivel Natarajan on 12 September 1960 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu to Natarajan and Vaitheswari.

What happened between Vadivelu and Vijayakanth?

During the 2011 general elections Vadivelu campaigned for the DMK and in his speeches, he trolled actor turned politician Captain Vijayakanth and mostly used disrespectful and derogatory words about him.

How did vadivel Balaji died?

Vadivel Balaji

Who is comedy king in Tamilnadu?

The other role played by the comedy star is that of a king. The director clarifies that that the movie is neither a biopic of Tenaliraman nor a comedy take on the Vijayanagara Empire. In a career spanning more than two decades, Vadivelu acted in more than 270 Tamil cinemas and sung more than 30 songs.

What happened between Vadivelu and Singamuthu?

The police said comedian Singamuthu had purchased the land from the legal heirs of TK Ramachandran of Tambaram on January 13, 2000 and sold it to Vadivelu on February 10, 2002. Vadivelu then gifted it to his wife Visalatchi who in turn transfered the ownership of the land to their son Subramanian.

Is Balaji divorced?

Currently, the couple is living separately, and their daughter Poshika is living with Nithya.