Who is Valarie Allman’s coach?

Allman and coach Zebulon Sion acknowledge the parallels with dance kinesthetics and body awareness but they also describe a rigorous process that built her balletic technique. “It is interesting,” says Sion, who first took Allman under his tutelage in ’17, a redshirt season after her Stanford junior year.

Where did Valarie Allman go to college?

It was the first time a Stanford woman had won a conference discus crown. Fifth at the NCAA Championships with a throw of 184-11.

What is written on Gregg Allman’s grave?

Two years after his death, Gregg Allman has new gravestone, possible road naming. Two years after his death, the legacy of Gregg Allman lives on. A gravestone engraved with lyrics from “Melissa,” the Allman Brothers Band’s sumptuous 1972 ballad, was installed earlier this year at Allman’s burial site in Macon.

Who attended Gregg Allman’s funeral?

Allman had five children in total. Gregg Allman and Cher pose for a portrait at their home in Beverly Hills, California, on October 30, 1977. Rolling Stone reports that Cher attended his funeral in Macon, Georgia Saturday afternoon alongside President Jimmy Carter, Peter Frampton, and Allman’s bandmates.