Is Valentino Rossi in a relationship?

He has gained the World Grand Prix Championships nine instances and is famously called Doctor in Italy. Valentino is in a relationship with his girlfriend Francesca Sofia Novello, a professional model.

How long has Rossi and Francesca been together?

Francesca Sofia, the girlfriend of Moto GP star Valentino Rossi, has raised concerns about abuse in the sport’s paddock. The Italian model, who is in a four-year relationship with Rossi, spent time working as a grid girl and experienced numerous inappropriate incidents.

Who is Valentino Rossi having a baby with?

MotoGP great Valentino Rossi, 43, and partner Francesca Sofia Novello, 29, were blessed with a baby girl recently. The couple has named their daughter Giulietta. Rossi, who retired from the sport last August, ending an illustrious 25-season career, became a father for the first time.

Do Rossi and Marquez get along?

Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez already know each other long before the spanish arrive in MotoGP. The two riders even became friends, but after what happened in Argentina and Sepang in the 2015 season, the relationship between the two athletes was weakened.