Does Valkyrae have a dad?

Valkyrae’s father passed away in 2017 After her father died in 2017, Valkyrae wrote a heartfelt message to him on Instagram. She said that death was “the hardest to accept, but this is life. And we can learn from the hardships.” Valkyrae still thinks of her father often.

What is Valkyraes ethnicity?

Personal life. Hofstetter is of part Filipino and German descent and was raised in Moses Lake, Washington. She has two brothers and one younger sister. Her father died of cancer in 2017. She graduated with an associate in arts from a community college in Washington.

What is Valkyrae background?

Valkyries in the Norse Myths They are mortal human women born of mortal human parents. It is not their origin, but their service to Odin, that bestows on the Valkyries certain supernatural powers. One of these powers is that Valkyries can fly.