Did Peter van Pels survive?

Did Peter van Pels survive?

The hard labour in the mines of the Melk satellite camp took its toll. Peter fell ill and ended up in the sick barracks. The camp was liberated by American troops on 5 May 1945. According to a list kept by the medical staff, Peter van Pels died on 10 May 1945.

What did Anne Frank call the Van Pels?

‘ Soon after, according to Anne, the ‘reconciliation period of “Oh darling Putti” and “my cute Kerli” set in. ‘ Auguste and Hermann had nicknames for each other: she called him ‘Putti’, he called her ‘Kerli’. Hermann and Auguste van Pels (far right and far left) with another couple in Osnabrück (Germany), around 1930.

What happened to Hermann van Pels after he was captured?

Hermann van Pels was the first to die. He was gassed at Auschwitz in October or November 1944. Fritz Pfeffer was moved from Auschwitz to Neuengamme concentration camp in Germany, probably via Sachsenhausen or Buchenwald, where he died on Dec. 20, 1944.

Is it Peter Van Daan or Van Pels?

In her diary, Anne gave the Van Pels family the pseudonym Van Daan. Peter was the only child of Auguste (pseudonym Petronella) and Hermann van Pels and was born on 8 November 1926 in Osnabrück, Germany.