Why was Katie uninvited to scheana’s wedding?

Why was Katie uninvited to scheana’s wedding?

“Katie wasn’t at the wedding though,” an Instagram user noted on the post, to which Brock replied and confirmed that, “She was disinvited and rocked up anyway for a ‘girls trip. ‘” Katie’s Instagram confirmed that she was away on a birthday trip with Vanderpump Rules alum Kristina Kelly.

Why did Katie and Tom get married again?

Three years after they first appeared on Vanderpump Rules, the pair tied the knot in California in 2016. Maloney and Schwartz later revealed that due to lost paperwork, the union wasn’t legal — which led to a second wedding ceremony in 2019.

Who was not invited to scheana’s wedding?

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is shaping up to be one of the most explosive seasons yet. The cast of the Bravo series got together to celebrate Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding on Aug. 23, but one face was apparently missing from the actual ceremony: Katie Maloney.

Did Schwartz and Katie get married?

March 15, 2022: Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz announce their split. After 12 years together, Schwartz and Maloney announced their breakup. “After 12 years on an adventure through life together Tom and I are ending our marriage,” Maloney wrote on Instagram.