Where does Girl with the dogs work?

We offer WORLDWIDE shipping! I’m Vanessa De Prophetis, but you probably know me as “Girl With The Dogs”. Ever since I was a little girl animals have been my biggest passion, so it’s no surprise that I opened my very own dog grooming business “Perfect Pooches Dog Grooming”.

Who is the girl with the dogs on YouTube?

Vanessa De Prophetis runs a dog grooming business out of her home in Niagara Falls and a year ago started TikTok which now has 4 million followers. Recently she created “The Girl With The Dogs” channel on YouTube which has received over 62 million views in less than 6 months.

How many dogs does Girl with the dogs have?

“The public was really intrigued with the work that goes into grooming an animal.” Since then, De Prophetis, who has four dogs of her own, has found a niche on TikTok thanks to her unique mix of educational and comedic content.

What is end of life grooming dog?

When a groomer tells a client they can longer groom their pet, it is essentially us telling them that their pet is at the end of their life.