Who is victory Brinker father?

Based in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (USA), Victory was adopted as a baby by her parents Christine and Eric Brinker, and shares her life with ten siblings.

Is AGT victory Brinker adopted?

Victory was born on February 4, 2012. She was adopted as a newborn into the Brinker family. They had actually chosen her name and waited five years to adopt her. With a large family as her audience, Victory was a very early talker and singer.

What state is victory Brinker from?

Victory Brinker, a now-10-year-old girl from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, has been named the world’s youngest opera singer, according to Guinness World Records.

Is victory Brinker in the movie clean?

Clean (2021) – Victory Brinker as Clean’s Daughter Rheya – IMDb.

How far did victory Brinker get in AGT?

AGT’s Victory Brinker made it to the final 10 Contestants in Season 16. The then-9-year-old opera singer’s time on the show started with a history-making Golden Buzzer moment.

Is victory Brinker a soprano?

Victory Brinker, a teenage opera soprano, is the newest “America’s Got Talent” competitor to get a Golden Buzzer. The 9-year-old made history when he became the first AGT participant to get a Golden Buzzer from all four judges.