What is a Vidal Sassoon haircut?

At the onset of his career, Sassoon conceptualized a new haircut for the modern woman, a blunt cut bob. The geometric cut was unlike any standard hairstyle of the time, it was low-maintenance and signified a changing of attitudes when it came to women’s fashion.

What is Vidal Sassoon most famous haircut?

Mary Quant: Vidal Sassoon created the angular bob for mod British designer Quant, and the hairstyle became her signature look for more than 40 years. By Ronald Dumont/Getty Images.

What is the 5 point cut?

‘ The Five Point of 1963 worn by fashion designer Mary Quant and models Grace Coddington and Peggy Moffitt was one of the first cuts to use Sassoon’s new architecturally inspired principles. It was a pared-down hairstyle that, although deceptively simple to look at, was an exercise in architectural geometry.

What is a two block haircut?

A two block haircut showcases the trimmed or shaved back and sides of the head while leaving the top long and styled as desired. Originally developed in Korea and has become a household name in fashion, this Korean haircut is similar to undercut where the back and sides of the head are cut very short.