Did VJ on New Amsterdam die in real life?

Actor Anupam Kher did not die and is still alive and well, which is good news to settle worried New Amsterdam fans. In light of the actor’s recent exit from the show, combined with the death of Kher’s character, some fans were worried as to why the character was killed off in the first place and assumed the worst.

How did Dr Vijay leave New Amsterdam?

Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher) contracted COVID-19, with much of the early part of the season revolving around his illness and the attempts by the hospital staff to ensure he survives and regains his health.

Does Vijay die in Season 3 New Amsterdam?

Dr. Vijay Kapoor died during New Amsterdam season 4 episode 13 due to complications relating to COVID-19.

Why was VJ written off of New Amsterdam?

Why Did Vijay Leave ‘New Amsterdam’? This was the show’s way of quickly writing off the character after Anupam Kher left the show in April 2021. The Indian actor exited the show suddenly, after his wife (the actress and politician Kirron Kher) was diagnosed with blood cancer.